The image below is a click thru link to a fundraiser / compilation in memorial of Mikhail, late founder of Mount Seldom Records. All proceeds go to charity. Please click thru for more information, and donate if you can. Thanks!

hello - there are at least two new records i’ve been working on which should be coming out before the end of 2k19, god willing.

i have one show coming up. it is in Santa Ana, California on August 24th. it is a fundraiser for the record store beatnik bandito, and i’ll be playing with several other artists, many of whom make music that i like quite a bit.

i’m still trying to figure out the best way to do an email list. suggestions? email me! anything else you wanna talk about? email me! roryory1@gmail

anyway, i reorganized some stuff on here so hopefully it’s a little cleaner and more navigable.

thanks! - rory, 29 july 19